The Art of Paul Lindquist and IMPACT ART BROKERS
Art with an Impact

Paul Lindquist was born in 1955 and is a Colorado native.   He grew up in the Denver area and spent much of his younger years  in the Rocky Mountains, camping, hiking, skiing and enjoying the outdoors.  As an adult, he spends extended time each year in Kauai, Hawaii.   His art work is inspired by his love of the Rocky  Mountains, the ocean and the Pacific Islands.  His paintings are depictions of western landscapes, open ocean, nautical scenes, and cowboy western art.  They are very sought after and in high demand. 

A Cowboy at heart,
many of his paintings
reflect his passion for
the west and everything
that  is western;
including cowboys,
"a vanishing breed".  
For over thirty years, he
has been painting in
oils.   Although not
formally trained, his
main effort with art has been in oils but he has also worked in several other mediums including, lost wax bronze sculptures, ceramics and Bonsai. 

The process of creating oil paintings and bronze sculptures take several weeks for Paul to complete and he is passionate about ensuring that every piece of art created has a dramatic impact on its viewers.

  Paul's artwork has been inspired by many western artists of our age.  Californian and French impressionists have helped to develop his style.           

Photo Courtesy of Catherine Balcom